Personalized Exercise Therapy

Drake Medox’s Personalized Exercise Therapy service incorporates a combination of general conditioning, cardiovascular training, resistance (weight) training, and lifestyle counseling to help you meet your personal fitness and wellness goals or to help you recover from and prevent injuries. If you’re serious about improving your health and fitness levels, you will benefit from a Personalized Exercise Therapy program.
All of Drake Medox’s Exercise Therapists are registered kinesiologists, a professional designation which requires a university degree and certification through the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.
Your program will begin with an initial assessment of your current abilities and a review of your goals. Then your therapist will design your personal program to fit your unique needs. One important focus of all programs is to prepare you to become independent and follow your exercise and fitness program on your own.
You can access exercise therapy services directly without a doctor’s referral. The cost of your treatments may be partially or completely covered by ICBC, or private insurance coverage. Our clinic can help you determine the payment or funding options that may be available to you.
Exercise therapy can:

• improve general conditioning
• increase strength, flexibility and coordination
• relieve chronic pain
• aid in the recovery from a motor vehicle accident
• improve sport specific performance
• control obesity, promote weight loss
• reduce stress
• help rehabilitation following accident or injury
• improve posture and workplace ergonomics
• relieve dizziness and vertigo
• help recovery from repetitive strain injuries
• offer lifestyle education
• improve cardiovascular health
• help prevent sports and work injuries

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